PyraLight 2 Pad and
Stem Cell GinSeng
Testimony from users of the PyraLight confirms the pad's amazing benefits for improved sleep and mood, general anxiety and stress reduction, pain relief, fibromyalgia, Crohns, excema, arthritis, period pain and overall improved quality of life.
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The PyraLight pad creates a healing pulsed magnetic field at the Schumann 8Hz frequency, along with pulsed 850nm Infra Red light. This pulsed field allows stressed and unbalanced areas of body to start to self heal. Placing a glass of water on the pad for 5 minutes or longer structures the water, and you can taste the difference compared with the original water. The PyraLight pad therefore structures the water inside your body. Cells can only absorb structured water through the channel proteins of the cell membrane. The pad also interferes with, and therefore reduces, radio frequency EMFs from phones and WiFi in your environment.The pad can be safely used as long as you wish, you can leave it running all the time to clear the EMFs in your environment. Generally the easiest way to use the pad is to place it, LEDs pointing up, under your pillow overnight. Your body will guide you how long to run it, which is as long as you feel comfortable. You can also place the pad wherever you like on top of your body, LEDs pointing down. It is not recommended that you lie on the pad, in order to protect the pad itself.

The PyraLight 2 Pad builds on the wonderful healing experiences users have been having with the original PyraLight Pad. PyraLight 2 offers greater ease of use and convenience by integrating all the control logic into the pad itself. In addition, all the frequencies used in PyraLight 1 have been combined so they are always present with PyraLight 2. The extra pad can also be used with PyraLight 2, connecting by the 1/4inch cord from the jack on PyrLight 2 to either of the extra pad jacks.

The PyraLight pad was developed by Guy Harriman in early 2017, and the technology has been in evaluation since Februray 2017. The PyraLight pad works individually with each person, so experiment for yourself. Sometimes it can take a week or two for an old pattern held in the body to start to shift, especially if it is buried deep in the unconscious mind. So be patient and observe the signals from your body when you use the PyraLight pad.

There is a one year warranty for the PyraLight, providing that the PyraLight has been used normally. The owner pays for shipping costs to Thailand for repair, and the cost of shipping back to you is covered under the warranty.

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Diana Sandalwood, Autralia

I am hearing daily of amazing reports from friends and clients using the PyraLight, of how it is profoundly improving their quality of life.
I also have had dramatic changes in sleep patterns, now being able to sleep almost all through the night now, where previously I was up and down to the bathroom at least 5-6 times, and of substantial pain relief from peripheral neuropathy and diabetes.
This is an AMAZING Wellness Device that I feel EVERY home would benefit greatly from.

Also, excruciatingly painful skin ulcer that kept me up 'till 4am relieved within 10mins of placing the Pyra Light under my pillow!!! I'M SOLD - AWESOME technology - thanks Guy Harriman!!!

Jeanette Woldseth: Today I had a Pyra Light session with Diana Sandalwood. An amazing experience. I am recovering from cancer and associated treatments. I had a large tumour in my pelvic region which is still healing and the scarring is quite significant. The experience of the Pyra Light was gentle and non invasive. I felt tingling and felt relaxed throughout. I actually could feel the light working on the parts of my body that required healing. The water which had been charged by the light prior was easy to swallow and felt smooth. I was relaxed and enjoyed the experience. Anyone who needs a gentle healing should try the Pyra Light. Thank you Diana Sandalwood.

Maria Fitzgibbon, Ireland

Just had my first night with the beautiful pyralight.Guy what can I say ..wow.thankyou so much.

I slept with the pad..I am type 1 diabetic 8 yrs now..would usually be stiff and tired in the mprnings. I felt like a child jumping out of bed this morning.. I would highly recommend it to anyone.xxx

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A 30 capsule (one month, one per day) supply of Stem Cell GinSeng vegan capsules is standard for men, who need to have a healthy testosterone level about five times greater than women. Take one capsule on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. The price in China is $1000 for 30 capsules, even more in Macau, because this GinSeng is produced in small quantities by a single supplier, and is prized very highly in China because of its effectiveness. This is a unique form of GinSeng, each capsule being the same in active ingredients as an entire 50 year old Korean GinSeng root, with the highest level of ginsenocides of any GinSeng capsule. If you could even find a 50 year old Korean GinSeng root, it would cost in the range of $30k-$40k. This Stem Cell extract has been studied since 2008 and independent research published as a paper by Cambridge University. See the PDFs below. We are offering the GinSeng through our collaboration with Maxim Yakovlev, the CEO of Unhwa Corporation of Korea,, the manufacturer of the stem cell GinSeng, as it's beneficial effects are complementary to the PyraLight pad. Maxim bought one of my early PyraLight prototypes, telling me that the pad is like a drug delivery system for Chi. The Chi generated from the pad travels where it is needed in the body. The Stem Cell GinSeng is offered here with the PyraLight pad as they work extremely well together. However, they both also work well on their own.

Women benefit from a lower dose of one capsule every five days, 6 capsules a month, as women's healthy testosterone level is about a fifth of a healthy man's level. The 6 capsules can be taken in six days in a row if preferred, but then wait until the following month before having more. Women have reported more stamina and energy, and less anxiety after just 6 capsules. GinSeng has been used in Asia for many centuries to upregulate the liver and improve vitality (yang chi).

Take one capsule on an empty stomach in the morning. A one month supply can be sufficient to bring a noticable change to your energy level.
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I have been involved in the inspirational Mu Aye Pu (MAP) project as a major first round investor and participant since June 2017. Kurt Hansen, the leader of the project, has spent 30 years involved with the Karen people in Burma. They have been fighting from their freedom from the Burmese military for 65 years. Recently there has been a ceasefire and now the Karen want to join the 21st century to overcome thie povery amd military focus. Mu Aye Pu is a beautiful natural area right on the Thai border north of Mae Sot. There are temporary refugee camps close to it where 100,000 Karen refugeees have lived 3 generations in bamboo and banana leaf houses, as the Thais never recognized them as true refugees. They are imprisonned there and are not allowed to work or have ID cards.

Mu Aye Pu is going to be a free city using leased land from the Karen people to build Singapore 2.0. The first project is to build a Guest House and Hotel Training school so that the Karen can learn how to work in a hotel, which will follow the Guest House. Thay is a very respected architect from Singapore who has an integrated farm/urban concept. I went there with him and the other people running MAP in August 2017 to start project planning stage.

I feel this is a very worthy cause, and well thought out to support the Karen people in their own integration into the 21st century, not to tell them what to do. Consensus community planning is an integral part of the project. I gave two investments using funds from Ajna Light sales to complete their first round funding. The PyraLight and Ajna Light will be a key part of the Light Spa in the Guest House, as part of the MAP project is to bring wellness into the community. We look forward to continuing to support MAP with your help.